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Advantages Of Phacoemulsification
Sep 17, 2018

The average droplet size of emulsion formed by ultrasonic emulsification is small, which can be 0.2 ~ 2um, and the droplet size distribution range is narrow, which can be 01 to 10um or narrower. [1]

The ultrasonic emulsion concentration is high, the pure emulsion concentration can exceed 30%, and the emulsifier can be up to 70%.

The emulsion formed is more stable. An important characteristic of phacoemulsification is that it can produce very stable emulsion without or without emulsifier.

The type of emulsion can be controlled. Under the condition of some acoustic fields, O/W (oil in water) and W/O (oil in water) emulsion can be prepared by ultrasonic emulsification. However, it is impossible to use mechanical emulsification. Only the nature of emulsifier can control the type of emulsion.

Toluene is emulsified in water, and a type of emulsion can be formed under low acoustic intensity. Another type of emulsion may be formed under high acoustic intensity.

The power needed to produce milk residue by ultrasonic emulsification is small.

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