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Circulation System Ultrasonic Dispersion Mixing With Mechanical Mixer
Jan 08, 2019

Ultrasonic Dispersion and Mixing Equipment with mechanical mixer working in Circulation

An important application of ultrasonic dispersion is the ability to disperse and depolymerize solids in a liquid. Ultrasonic cavitation produces high shear forces that break up the particle agglomerates into individual dispersed particles.

A common method of preparing powders into liquids, such as paints, inks, shampoos, beverages or polishing media. Individual particles are combined by various physical and chemical attractive forces (including van der Waals forces and liquid surface tension), and are more pronounced for higher viscosity liquids such as polymers or resins. This attraction must be overcome to depolymerize and disperse the particles into the liquid medium. The application of mechanical stress can destroy the agglomeration of the particles while the liquid is pressed between the particles. The powder is typically dispersed in a liquid using different techniques. This includes high pressure homogenizers, agitator bead mills, jet impact mills and rotor-stator mixers.

like the mechanical mixer or High shear machine


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