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How To Use An Ultrasonic Atomizer
Nov 10, 2018

What is the working principle of the ultrasonic extractor?

With its unique advantages of low extraction temperature, high extraction rate and short extraction time, the ultrasonic extractor is applied to the extraction of effective content of Chinese herbal medicines and various animals and plants with innovative consciousness. It is an alternative to the traditional shearing process to achieve high efficiency and energy saving. Modern high-tech means of environmentally-friendly extraction. The ultrasonic extractor produced by our company adopts all-digital technology, digital clock control, digital display power adjustment, and digital display low frequency modulation.

The ultrasonic extractor is a newly developed extraction process in recent years. The invention has the advantages of strong selectivity and high purity of the extract, and is suitable for extracting a lipophilic substance with a known chemical structure and a small molecular weight from a solid material. The disadvantages are high operating pressure, high energy consumption, and high manufacturing cost when the device is enlarged. Ultrasonic extractors are not suitable for extracting mixtures of unknown composition and substances with less solubility in carbon dioxide. The energy of the ultrasonic vibration can be used to enhance the diffusion process, so that the solvent is easily immersed in the solid, and the solid solute easily diffuses from the inside of the solid to the solid-liquid interface, thereby accelerating the extraction process.

The solvent and temperature used in the extraction of different varieties of Chinese medicinal materials are different. The Chinese herbal medicine ultrasonic extractor is equipped with a heating device to ensure that the temperature of the mixed extract and fresh solvent sprayed into the extractor meets the process requirements. The whole extraction process of the rotary-type extractor adopts automatic control, which can control the rotation speed of the equipment, the amount of feed, the injection amount and temperature of the solvent and the extract, and can realize the on-line measurement of the technical indexes of the extract according to the needs. It can also automatically control the recovery of solvent in the dregs and the subsequent treatment of the extract. It is adjusted according to the requirements of Chinese medicine varieties and extraction process.

The ultrasonic extraction machine of Wuhan has a short residence time in the stationary phase from the partition coefficient or the small adsorption energy, and first flows out from the column. Thereby the individual components of the mixture are separated. For this reason, the difference in partition coefficient or adsorption energy is a prerequisite for chromatographic separation. In the determined chromatographic system, if there is no difference in partition coefficient or adsorption energy between the components, these components cannot be separated from each other. Overlapping the effluent column (ie, a chromatographic peak). The greater the difference in the partition coefficient or the adsorption energy of each component, the easier it is to separate, and the more difficult it is to separate.

The multi-frequency ultrasonic extractor has the following outstanding features:

(1) No high temperature is required. Ultrasonic enhanced extraction at 40 ° C - 50 ° C water temperature, no boiling high temperature, does not destroy some of the Chinese herbal medicines have thermal instability, easy hydrolysis or oxidation characteristics of the medicinal ingredients. Ultrasound can promote the breakage of plant cells and improve the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine.

(2) Atmospheric pressure extraction, good safety, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

(3) High extraction efficiency. Ultrasonic enhanced extraction for 20 to 40 minutes will give you a good extraction rate, only one-third or less of the boiling time, alcohol precipitation method. The extraction is sufficient, and the extraction amount is more than twice that of the conventional method. According to statistics, the ultrasonic efficiency is very high at 65~70oC. At 250oC, the active ingredients of Chinese herbal plants are basically not destroyed. After the addition of ultrasound (at 65 degrees), the plant extract time was about 40 minutes. The cooking time of the cooking method often takes two to three hours, which is more than three times the ultrasonic extraction time.

(4) It has broad spectrum. It has wide applicability, and most of the ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines can be ultrasonically extracted.

(5) Ultrasonic extraction has little to do with the nature of the solvent and the target extract (eg polarity). Therefore, there are many types of extraction solvents to choose from and a wide range of target extracts.

(6) Reduce energy consumption. Since ultrasonic extraction does not require heating or heating at a low temperature and a short extraction time, energy consumption is greatly reduced.

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