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​What Is An Ultrasonic Sewing Machine
Jan 01, 2019

What is an ultrasonic sewing machine?

In addition to 1~2 people feeding and receiving finished products, the ultrasonic sewing machine is fully automated, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency; the production speed and product size can be adjusted within a certain range.

Multi-functional automatic non-woven bag making machine adopts touch screen operation, with step-type fixed length, photoelectric tracking (operation is accurate and stable), automatic counting (can set count alarm), automatic punching and other industrial control devices; at the same time, Further realize the effect of energy saving and environmental protection, install a residual material recovery device, and automatically collect the waste generated in the production process to facilitate secondary utilization.

Chinese name: Ultrasonic sewing machine

English name: Ultrasonic Sewing Machine

Product Name: Ultrasonic lace machine, non-woven bag making machine, non-woven stitching machine, wireless sewing machine, ultrasonic heat sealing machine, ultrasonic edger, etc. Mechanical model: Ultrasonic lace stitching machine A, ultrasonic lace stitching machine B 3 Inch lace machine, 4-inch lace machine, extended lace machine, etc.


Product model: 2A power: 1400W/1600W/2000W

Frequency: 20KHZ

Voltage: 50/60HZ 220VAC / 10A

Dimensions: 1200*550*1200MM

Weight: 150KG

Stitching speed: 8-20m/min

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