Ultrasonic Sono Chemistry Equipment

Ultrasonic dispersion, emulsification, homogenizer, extraction, by the principle of cavitation
  • Ultrasonic Dispersion Equipment

    Ultrasound in the application of dispersion can be divided into: liquid - liquid dispersion (emulsion), solid - liquid dispersion (suspension), gas - liquid dispersion of three cases.
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  • Ultrasonic Nano Dispersion Equipment

    ​Nanometer materials refers to the three-dimensional space of at least one dimension in the nanometer size (0.1-100 – nm) or the material by them as basic units, the equivalent to about 10 ~ 100 atoms of the scale of the closely packed together.
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  • Ultrasonic Silicon Dioxide Dispersion Machine

    Silica (SiO2) is a multi-functional ceramic material that is being used in various industries to improve surfaces and mechanical properties of diverse materials.
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  • Ultrasonic Liquid Dispersion Machine

    The mixing of powders into liquids is a common step in the formulation of various products, such as paint, ink, shampoo, beverages, or polishing media.
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  • Ultrasonic Chemical Dispersion Machine

    Ultrasonic cavitation effect——Acoustic cavitation is refers to under the effect of high frequency sound waves, exists in the tiny air bubbles in the liquid in a series of dynamic process: oscillation, expand, shrink and collapse.
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  • Ultrasonic Mixing Machine

    Ultrasonic mixing machine are the new solution for your batch and inline mixing applications such as for the incorporation of solids,
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  • Ultrasonic Mixing Equipment

    Ultrasonic mixing equipment is widely used in cosmetic industry for producing, degassing and homogenizing of emulsions.
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  • Ultrasonic Chemical Mixing Equipment

    Mechanical mixing——Introducing ultrasonic chemical reaction system, the ultrasonic can give substance to be forced to exercise, produce one way energy accelerated the transfer and diffusion of material, can replace mechanical agitation
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  • Ultrasonic Emulsification Equipment

    Ultrasonic emulsification has extensively applied in industrial fields of food, paper, paint, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, petroleum, metallurgy, etc.
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  • Ultrasonic Emulsification Machine

    ZY Sonic series of ultrasonic emulsifying material is mainly used in petroleum, chemical process in the oil-water emulsion, or other materials, micro emulsion, can also be used for light industry, nano-materials, food and pharmaceutical sectors such as liquid handling.
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  • Ultrasonic Emulsification of Oil in Water

    Biodiesel is commonly produced in batch reactors using heat and mechanical mixing as energy input. Ultrasonic cavitational mixing is an effective alternative means to achieve a better mixing in commercial biodiesel processing.
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  • Ultrasonic Emulsifying Equipment

    Emulsions are dispersions of two or more immiscible liquids. Highly intensive ultrasound supplies the power needed to disperse a liquid phase (dispersed phase) in small droplets in a second phase (continuous phase).
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