Ultrasonic Dispersion

  • Ultrasonic Dispersion Equipment

    Ultrasound in the application of dispersion can be divided into: liquid - liquid dispersion (emulsion), solid - liquid dispersion (suspension), gas - liquid dispersion of three cases.
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  • Ultrasonic Nano Dispersion Equipment

    ​Nanometer materials refers to the three-dimensional space of at least one dimension in the nanometer size (0.1-100 – nm) or the material by them as basic units, the equivalent to about 10 ~ 100 atoms of the scale of the closely packed together.
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  • Ultrasonic Silicon Dioxide Dispersion Machine

    Silica (SiO2) is a multi-functional ceramic material that is being used in various industries to improve surfaces and mechanical properties of diverse materials.
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  • Ultrasonic Liquid Dispersion Machine

    The mixing of powders into liquids is a common step in the formulation of various products, such as paint, ink, shampoo, beverages, or polishing media.
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  • Ultrasonic Chemical Dispersion Machine

    Ultrasonic cavitation effect——Acoustic cavitation is refers to under the effect of high frequency sound waves, exists in the tiny air bubbles in the liquid in a series of dynamic process: oscillation, expand, shrink and collapse.
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